Parties at Albacon (and other traditional SciFi Conventions) have a long and storied history. But that is not important right now.  What is important is that you know how we are handling parties at Albacon and what is permitted and what is not permitted.

Albacon is requesting that party hosts plan their parties for Saturday night only. On Friday night the convention will be having social events. Concentrating the parties on Saturday increases the festive atmosphere.

All parties must register with Albacon. This is to insure that party rooms are located in the correct area. It also lets us help you by promoting your party.

There are generally two major types of parties:

  1. Open Parties: These are parties that have an “open door” and all convention attendees are welcome to drop in to these parties. Alcohol is prohibited at any open party.
  2. Closed Parties: These are parties that are “invitation only”. Alcohol is permitted at closed parties. The door to a closed party must remain closed unless someone is actively entering or leaving the party.

So the major aspect that determines if a party is Open or Closed is whether it is an “invitation only” party or whether all convention attendees are welcome. OK, the reality is that the real determining factor is the presence of alcohol. It is not that hard to get an “invitation” to many of the “invitation only” parties 🙂

Note that even Closed Parties are not permitted to serve alcohol to any person under the drinking age in NYS (21 years of age) or to any person that appears to be intoxicated.

All of the rooms having parties will be located near each other on the same floor. This encourages movement between parties and a festive atmosphere.

Party Registration Form

Fill out this form to tell us about your party so that we can properly block your room and publicize the party.

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